Monday, 15 August 2011

Bro Science and The Myth Busters

We have all seen it, read it or done it. Bro Science. The Bro Science protocols are like a good drug, it feels great, sounds like a good idea at the time but after a while you realize that you are getting nowhere fast. Possibly even going backwards!

I'm sure you know the protocols I'm talking about, eating every 3 hours, having at least 6 meals a day, not having carbs at night, having a 'fast' digesting protein and carbohydrate mix post training, high reps and light weight are for 'toning' and the list goes on.

I'm no angel, I tried the Bro Science drug for a long time, years in fact and I was delusional about the results I was getting. I was lucky enough that I didn't go totally insane, so in my never ending conquest for physical perfection I stumbled into rehab.

The Myth Busters rehab clinic I stumbled upon was Lyle McDonald's Body Composition. God did I get a rude shock! Fats are good? Are you serious. It was like I was detoxing my system. The self education process was started, I couldn't get enough of it and was reading little bit of literature he had written. I even went on a binge and bought 6 of his books!

As my mind opened my knowledge grew and I came across some other Myth Busters in Alan Aragon, Martin Berkhan and Emma-Leigh Synnott. My world had then been turned upside down, and it was all for the best!

Now in all seriousness, I'm very excited to be able to bring you all the articles, Q and A's, studies and research reviews that Lyle, Alan, Martin and Emma-Leigh have compiled. You may have noticed that I'd already posted a research review that Lyle conducted. I can bring them together all under the one roof.

In essence I wanted this blog to be an educational tool for all my clients and the wider population. The articles are the basis of my knowledge and given me a great understanding on how, what, why and when on everything to do with nutrition, hormonal, muscle growth, fat loss, exercise performance and much more. The best thing about the group is that they able to articulate the science behind the subject, in easy to understand terms.I simply wanted to be able to pass that on to you. God even I still have a hard time understanding some of the PubMed studies, so they (Lyle, Alan, Martin and Emma-Leigh) do the 'hard work' for me! So today is an exciting day for me, as being able to do this is like for you meeting your favorite sports star. And yes I've met Ronnie Coleman and this surpasses that LOL.

For more information on Lyle, Alan, Martin and Emma-Leigh, just click on the links

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