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Time for some self promotion. Body Evolution's services explained.

Ok so I gotta do a little self promotion and give a bit of an insight to what Body Evolution, the business is all about.

I’ve been involved in the health, sports, fitness and bodybuilding industry for the past 15 years and on a professional level (meaning what I do for a living) for the past 7 years. I’ve worked in and been involved in all areas from Personal Training, Supplementation and now online body composition consulting.

Just as a side note if anyone wants to know, I have got certifications in Fitness (3&4, the typically Personal Trainer certs), General Health and Sports Nutrition Fundamentals (1&4). 

I DO NOT consider the certifications as anything meaningful due to the fact the content in all/most of them is of little relevance and based on out dated data, poorly constructed studies and protocols etc. They also contain many government bias guidelines that are based to fund a number of industries that generate the government huge profits. Think the 'Healthy Food Pyramid' etc.

Since completing the certifications and conducting my own research etc I have been able to educate myself and others with much more un-bais and practical information and body composition protocols. So the 'credentials' I carry by no way defines my education level and knowledge base. 

About Body Evolution

Specializing in Body Recomposition, Exercise & Sports Performance, Strength and Conditioning, General Health and Fitness Nutrition consultations.

I put together a full macronutirent and calorie guide that is based on meeting your optimal requirements, supplementation & training program that is based on your individual composition and metabolic function. The Training phases are designed to maximize your performance and support your recomposition goals.

I have a client base which includes a wide range of professional athletes and amateur sports people of all levels, various sporting backgrounds including Bodybuilding, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Soccer, Volleyball, Weightlifting (Olympic Style), Tri-Athletes, Tennis, Cricket, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts. But you most certainly don't need to be an athlete to work with me.

Not only have I worked with the individuals mentioned in the previous paragraph, I'm also the current recomposition consultant for a number of fitness, strength and health companies such as Performance Training Center (PTC) Brisbane, PTC Sydney, Adrenalize Health and Fitness, First Choice Fitness (gym), Power Supplements, Bioflex Nutrition and Bulk Nutrients.

A Few Client Testimonials -

NAME - Liz
AGE- 28
 LOCATION - Brisbane, Qld

"If you want to see someone who knows heaps about exercise and nutrition, I would highly recommend Kevin from Body Evolution. He's passionate about what he does and has a genuine interest in assisting his clients. On top of being super knowledgeable he's also a really nice guy and fantastic to deal with - he provides great customer service and is always happy to answer any questions (no matter how small or silly) and always responds to emails promptly. A+" 

NAME – Hamish
AGE - 32
LOCATION – Brisbane, Qld
“Before I had help from Body Evolution I used to eat every 2-3 hours, eat 6-8 times a day & thought not doing this was going to send my body into a catabolic state. How wrong I was. Body Evolution has taught me that your body is a lot smarter than you think. There is not one strict way of dieting and strength training. I highly recommend Body Evolution to friends, family and work colleagues who need help with understanding nutrition and proper strength training”

NAME - Adam
AGE - 21
LOCATION - Perth, Western Australia.

''Where do l begin? First off l had nothing but a positive experience with Body Evolution from the start. Kevin seemed like a down to earth guy who was extremely knowledgeable in both nutrition and training. After a few emails back and forward l knew l was going to be on to something good here and after the initial feeling out process he was able to put through a detailed training and diet plan. I was extremely happy with the diet plan as l didn't have the best knowledge when it came to putting something together and also with having several food allergies l didnt know if he would be able to put something that could cater specifically for me together. Kevin throughout the whole process was very professional and easy to talk to and ask any questions regardless of the trivialness of them.''

''Two things l really wasn't expecting out of it was how much money and time l would save by following his diet plan. I did all of my cooking on a weekend and froze the meals for the week. This not only helped me save time throughout the days but helped me save some money but letting me steer clear of useless snacks while at work.''

''I cant say enough about what he has done for me even in such a short time. I've got a more positive outlook on my training and have set some goals which l will be able to achieve with Kevins help throughout the year. If you've ever thought about trying Body Evolution l cant recommend you try it enough, it really will change the way you look, feel and train.'' 

NAME - Glenn
AGE - 23
LOCATION - Geelong, Victoria

''Only new to body building (20 months) I ate anything and everything I could get my hands on and was fixated on becoming massive at all cost, I went from 69 kilos to 115 kilos at my heaviest an decided I felt and looked like crap so I thought it was time to cut up and reveal what muscle I had gained I dropped 10 kilos loosely following the typical bro science cutting methods over a few months and stumbled across Body Evolution and decided to give it a shot!''

''I followed the program (which was emailed to me extremely fast by the way) to the exact letter, just over one month later I was sitting on 83.4 kilos Looking a million times better than I ever thought I would, I have vascularity, my abs are starting to show I'm leaner and a lot harder not to mention happier than I ever thought I would be with my physique, and this is only round one with Body Evolution!''

''The level of service and knowledge provided by Body Evolution far exceeded my expectations, ........(and I asked a lot of questions I mean A LOT) they were answered with great importance and once again knowledge and I never once made to feel like I was a nuisance!!!!''

''With Body Evolution I certainly got above and beyond what I paid for and that my friends is extremely rare in this world let alone this industry.''

NAME - Matthew 
AGE - 22
LOCATION - Brisbane, Queensland

''Spending a lot of time in the gym and dealing with many people with different views and opinions in the fitness Industry I had thought that I had seen and heard it all.''

''Body Evolution has taken a completely different approach at getting its clients to where they want to be. Since being a member of the Body Evolution family I have learnt so many things that have been nothing but beneficial to my training. The way that Body Evolution delivers this information is second to none, things are explained many times over in ways for everyone to understand.''

''Body Evolution is always reachable at most times of the day so if you reach a point where you need guidance help isn't far away.''

''In my opinion the thing that sets Body evolution apart from its competitors is the fact that everything is tailor made to you and your interests and likes unlike most others who hand out generic diets and training programs.''

''Since being with body evolution I have progressed in my training faster than I could of imagined and in a fun environment making it that much easier to stick to.''

''If I had my time over I would of gone to Body Evolution a lot sooner definitely worth checking out if maximum results with minimal effort is your thing.''

NAME - Scott Wasson – Owner of PTC Brisbane
AGE - 24
LOCATION - Brisbane

''Being a competitive power-lifter, my nutrition needs to be spot on to
ensure maximum performance. I was finding I wasn't recovering from my
M.E sessions, and found it difficult to prepare myself mentally for the
rest of the week.''

''I contacted Kevin from Body Evolutions to construct me a solid
nutritional plan. Just a fortnight after I started taking Kevin's advice,
my bodyweight was on the way up, and my strength and recovery were so
much better.''

''I've been working with Kevin for the last 4 months, and his service has
been nothing but exceptional. Any time, night or day, he will help me
out with any questions or alterations I need. Thanks to Kevins on going
support, the huge goals I've set myself this year will fall by the

NAME - Dan Hodge
Personal Trainer and Business Owner of Adrenalize Health
AGE - 25
LOCATION - Brisbane, Qld

''I have been working with Kev from Body Evolution for almost a year now. In that time he has helped myself and my clients with both training and nutritional plans. The results I achieved following the Body Evolution plan were far better and easier than any I had achieved in the past. I dropped 8kg and 5% bodyfat within 10 weeks. The best part was chocolate and beer remained a staple part of my diet.

As for my clients, the results we were achieving using a BodyEvolution diet were better than any I had seen before. They had great energy levels, they didn’t have to starve and felt they could stay on the diet long term. We saw lots of bodyfat loss’s with great lean muscle and strength gains. This resulted in a happier clientele which is very important in my business.

I also had Kev out for a Nutritional Myths Seminar for my clients and potential clients. It was a great night and I received very positive feedback from my clients. It helped simply nutrition for them and to help them cypher through most of the bullsh%t in today’s media.

I highly recommend Body Evolution and their services, without them personally and professionally I could not have achieved the results and satisfaction we have.''

NAME - Christian O'Grady - Owner of Strength Power Nutrition Health 
AGE - 25


--> --> ’’Bit of a strange testimonial this one. This time it's for Bodyevolution. Although he's 'the opposition', the man does a good job of keeping on top of the bros.''
If you haven't got around to it get to his blog at http://thebodyevolutionreport.blogspot.com.au and check it out.''  We need more intellectuals that keep on top of latest research and don't resort to broshit, Bodyevolution is one of them.’’


This is where the self promotion really starts. I’ve take the liberty to do my own question and answer, so hopefully the basic questions are covered and I’ve made it sound very appealing. Isn’t that what a good salesman does?

What is Body Evolution?

Body Evolution is your own online personal trainer and performance nutrition consultant. Body Evolution specializes in body recomposition/transformations and exercise performance.

How do I make an appointment?

There is no appointment necessary. Body Evolution is an online consultation business, meaning you can contact Body Evolution with your inquiry at anytime that is convenient to you!

Being an online business, this makes for easy contact and stress free communication via email. Contact can be made at the time that suits you and you will generally receive a reply within 24-36 hours! (applies only to weekdays)

Do you have to be an athlete to use Body Evolution?

In short no you do not need to be an athlete. Anyone who is serious and motivated in getting results and has specific goals in mind can use Body Evolution.

Yes I normally work with athletes or individuals who have some sort of specific athletic/bodybuilding goals but it is suitable for anyone who wants to achieve their desired body composition and/or exercise performance goals.

I like to think that Body Evolution brings out the athlete in everyone!

What service does Body Evolution offer to clients?

Body Evolution is a personalized program that is formulated on your individual situation. This is NOT a one size fits all program. Everyone is different and that also means everyone needs a different program. Simply put, Body Evolution takes out the guess work!

It combines the two most important areas (nutrition & exercise) of one’s lifestyle that determines your body composition (the shape of your body) and physical function-ability (the body’s fitness level) to maximize your desired body composition/transformation goals.

How detailed is the Body Evolution program?

It is very detailed but simple to understand. Everything you need to know (and more) is listed in clear and easy to read terms. No stone is unturned!

The training program lists everything from the training days and rest days, exercises, repetition range, amount of sets, rest times between sets etc. It will also explain the reason behind why the program is set up that way.

The macronutrient & calorie guide has a comprehensive outline of protein, carbohydrate, fat and fibre intake requirements, calorie intake, food types and daily consumption amounts, supplementation and much more. It also explains the basis behind why it has been constructed like that etc.

What does it cost to start on my own Body Evolution program?

The cost for a month’s membership is $250. This is done on a per month basis.

What does my membership include?

It includes unlimited contact and consultations so your nutritional guides and training programs be regularly adjusted/updated, meaning you can continue to get results for the long term! There will also be newsletters with everything from research review and lifestyle articles to help with the continual education of all members.

For further information and inquires for both online consultation and the one on one sessions, please just send me email – bodyevolution@live.com.au and make sure you put ‘Body Evolution Inquiry’ in the subject line as some emails get caught up as spam mail.
You can also check out the Body Evolution Facebook page (add me as a 'friend') - www.facebook.com/bodyevolutionaustralia or my client and fan page  - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Body-Evolution-Body-Recomposition-Consultations and make sure you click ‘Like’ to become a fan.

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